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Agua Ramon Lodge Gallery
Brock S. & Nathan, Fall turkey hunt 2006, Shoup-Collins Place
Dary's buck, Fall 2006; 140" P&Y, Reservoir Stand, Main Section, Howell place
Dylan, Dary, Liv and Brock, Thanksgiving turkey, 2009, Clover Patch, Shoup-Collins place
Jaime, Fall turkey hunt, 2004, Main Section Crossing, Howell place
Dary's buck, Fall 2007; 160" P&Y, Mike's Stand, Shoup-Collins place
Dary's buck, Fall 2008; 158" P&Y, east of Clover Stand, Shoup-Collins place
Tom and Chris, Spring turkey 2009, McMains Place
Marv's buck, Fall 2007; 157" P&Y, Jessee's stand, Boyles 80
Dary's turkey, clover patch, Shoup-Collins place, April 26, 2010
Brothers Bob G. and John G., John's turkey May 2, 2010; Howell place
Morel on the creek, spring 2010; Shoup-Collins place
Dustin G.'s Turkey, May 1, 2010; Howell place
Jaime's Thanksgiving dinner at the lodge; November 2009
Marv, JD, Garrett and Dary strategizing; April 2010
Alijah and Blake, KDWP youth turkey hunt, Spring 2009, Martin Place
Dary's Buck, Martin Place, November 9, 2010
John R's Buck, Davis Place, November 8, 2010
Conner's first turkey, Shoup-Collins Place, October, 2010
Marv's Buck, Jessee's Stand, Boyles 80, October, 2010
Pre-Turkeys! Martin place, May 2010
Big Brothers Big Sisters Group 2011
Aaron D. and Bob G., McMains Place, April, 2011
Big Walnut Creek; November 2008
Youth Hunters April 2009
Tom on Main Section; April 2009
Paul, turk & recurve April 2011
Paul and Josh, Mrs. Schmuck's; May 2011
Rock Hills 5th grade quail habitat helpers; May 2011
Bob & Johnny G.; Main section; May 2011
Brad & Romeillo; April 2011
Aaron's buck; Davis Place, November 2011
Dary's turks, Shoup-Collins; April 2012
Pick up buck, Martin place, November 2012
Aaron's buck, main section, November 2012
Rodney H & drop-tine buck; Davis place, November 2012
Dary's buck, Shoup-Collins, December 2012
Brock's buck, bean field stand, Boyles 80, November 2011
Dary's buck, waterhole stand, Martin place, November 2011
Paul's buck, Howell Place, 157 P&Y, October 2012
John's buck, Davis place, 156 P&Y, October 2012
Brock's 6 x 6 with Dylan; November 2013 Boyles 80
Smith family, November 2014; Shoup-Collins
Aaron D. 2013 Buck; Elbow Food Plot, Davis place
Another bow kill, November 2014; Creek on Shoup-Collins
Poacher's Buck killed 2007, found 2011 by tractor tire! Martin Place
Big 8, Dary's 2013, Big Cottonwood west side, Main Section
Frank W. & Gary W. & Anthony C. April 2014, neighbor's place
Paul N. Buck, November 2014; Creek on Shoup-Collins
Thanksgiving turkey hunt, 2009. Shoup-Collins
Dary's buck Stand 21; northeast corner of Davis Place; November 2014
Northwest side of great room.
Aaron's buck; 2014; Creek on Shoup-Collins place.
Brandon and turkey,  Shoup-Collins. November 2015
Sebastian and Dary, Clover Creek, Shoup-Collins. December 2015
Dary's buck, Tree Island, main section. December 2015
Jacob, Aaron, Renn, Gary, Brandon (with his turkey) and Michael. Main Section, April 2016
Gary, Jacob (with his turkey), Aaron, Michael, Brandon. Main Section, April 2016
Brandon shooting pool in the Lodge, April, 2016
Bob Snell, Mass, P & Y donation hunt. 11/2016
Wood fungus behind Clover, Shoup-Collins
Liv and Brock Southwick's buck. West food plot, Main Section. 11/2017
Jimmie Betts, Wounded Warrior. West food plot, Main Section. 11/2017
River of turkeys. West of west food plot, Main Section. 11/2017
Model A Ford in dead end creek west of lakes, Main Section. 11/2017
John Price behind Clover, Shoup-Collins. 10/2017
Sucker vines on oak tree. Main Section. 11/2017
Lodge Fireplace 11/2017
400 turkeys on West Food Plot, Main Section. 2/2018
Bridger Southwick, 6 years old, first turkey. West Food Plot, Main Seciton. 4/1/2018.
Dylan Price, 10 years old, First deer Elbow Food Plot, 9/6/2018
Aaron Deters, Shoup-Collins SW 11/30/2018.
Dary Southwick Shoup-Collins SW. 12/3/2018
Keith Villa, Shoup-Collins SW. 1/1/2019
"I'm hidden, right?" Lodge Milo Field. 9/2018.